...plus lots more!
What you get for free...

New way to access Pufter

Pufter Mobile is optimised for touch screen devices, like phones & tablets, yet provides all the same great features.
Every Graphic is NEW
Transparent PNG's & CSS Sprites allow us to load 1 image instead of 50. This makes the site faster to load.

Every line of Code is NEW
Re-written from the ground-up, no longer using frames, and using Ajax to the max.
Pages/content are compressed, far future expires headers causes caching of most content.

Overlays called 'PufUps©' replace PopUps
Opening separate small windows takes time, and full page structures (HTML/JS/CSS) have to load in them.
PufUps© allow us to quickly load... into the same page... only the content that matters!

You can Minimise PufUps©
Using overlays typically means you can't interact with the page behind. Now you can!

HTML5 Local & Session Storage
If you're using a modern browser... minimised PufUps© (and other things) are remembered across pages!
HTML5 GeoLocation
We've always allowed you to enter your Post/Zip code. But now... if you're using a modern browser... the site attempts to automatically determine where you are.

Just Notifications©
When something relating to you happens... your profile is viewed, you're ranked, your media is commented on... you're now notified immediately, from one central place!

Improved Profiles
Now you can load only the parts of a profile that you're interested in. Custom Profiles are better too... you can still change the colours/theme... but they're also applied to system events like PufUps aswell!

Auto Login©
We've always provided a 'remember me' feature... where your username/password is prefilled for you. But now that feature will automatically log you in after 5 seconds. Imagine opening a tab group of 5 sites (Pufter being one of them). While you're going through the other 4 tabs typing in your username/password... the Pufter tab will simply log you in all by itself!
Warning - PufUp Clash